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"Mystery Revealed"
"Mystery Revealed"
"Mystery Revealed"

"Mystery Revealed"

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"Mystery Revealed" Art Print

A representation of how Christ's death is the central component of what holds life together in the Cosmos. Over Christ it reads, 'The incorruptible ruler of the whole Church.' His body creates a circle around Christ's crucifixion. The outer edges are four winged angels that surround Christ's throne with four evangelists. In order from top and clockwise: Hominis (man) with Matthaes, Bouis (ox) with Lucas, Leonis (lion) with Marcus, and Etaouile (eagle) with Iohannes, that surround Christ throne.

Modern Offset Printing; 2 Color; Acid Free Cotton Paper; 13x17 size

Original Artist
Opicinus de Canistris (1296ca.-1354),
Avignon, France; 1335-50
credits:Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, Vatican City, Pal.

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