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"Four Angels"
"Four Angels"

"Four Angels"

$ 129.00

“4 Angels - Angelic Man, Angelic Eagle, Angelic Lion, Angelic Ox” Thermographic Art Print

The angel worships and holds a scroll while looking at Christ. Christ is on the throne with the four winged angelic creatures, the man, eagle, ox and lion. A liturgical chant surrounds Christ.

Modern Offset Printing; 3 Color with Thermography; 7x7 size

Original Artist
Gottschalk, Melk diocese Liturgy, Benedictine abbey of Melk
or Seitenstetten, Austria, 12th century

Wood Framing & Mat
Premium solid wood frames, made in the USA from North American Hardwood, sawtooth hanger included.

Comes in four painted gold 3/4 inch thick solid wood picture frames that offer a light, elegant look surrounding the artwork. 8x8 inch frame opening; full dimensions 9 1/2 x 9 1/2.

Each piece is float mounted using acid free mat board.

From paper to frame, this art piece is 100% made in America.